Today’s song. [Teddy] bear’s picnic. Luckily we were in our lycra and cycling camouflage.

To find the bears involved a glorious sweeping decent down the other side of pass. Brakes not optional. Then into the woods. Stopping for expresso fuel the phone made an alarm sound. Up pops a Bear warning public service message. It gained attention.

Easy to spot. At the road side with idiot people stopping and getting out cars, feeding them etc. We’ve took a judicious approach: snap and go. The problem is they are now used to people and expect to get fed.

An undulating tour around a depleted resevoir, some exciting tunnels (dark and potholed: transition glasses don’t transition that fast before back into the valley bottom. Fruit sellers scratch a living.

Curtea de Arges is still a manufacturing town. Soviet architecture reminiscent of Coventry.

Great day

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