OE Day 20 Kormarno to Budapest 125k

Even although today is mainly downhill it felt a wee bit tough. Just a combination of bumper Hungarian tracks criss crossing the road, hot and hotter, and busier traffic.

Over the bridge this morning and into Hungary. Its illegal to ride on the road if a cycle is adjacent. Should have that back home. A constant theme which continues from the start is litter free and well maintained (glass free) paths. Stopping to get our forints reinforces the sense, with the script, of being in a new land. Luckily we negotiate ice-cream. Tesco x2 for the first time since Paris. Lidl of course.

The suburbs of Budapest are a pleasant surprise. The parks are full of people having fun. Lots to explore tomorrow on the rest day.

OE Day 19 Bratislava to Komarno 110km

Our route today was mainly on the flood embankment on the North Slovakia side. The South side is Hungary. So flat, no shade and hot: kept us focused on the next coffee stop. None until near the end.

It’s strange now your can’t understand the signs. Could be back in Wales with a few added squiggles. I thought that when I saw a sign saying “Botel”. Ah I understand mutations. The reality of a boat hotel came as a wee blow. Ah well.

The hotel we’re in has two names, one Slovakian the other Hungarian. As a place on a key river crossing and the confluence of the Vah and Danube, it seems to have been flattened and rebuilt in an endless cycle. The result is a mishmash friendly with it.

Tomorrow Hungary, Farewell Euro, hello Budapest.

OE Day 18 Vienna to Brastislava 72km

A new country Slovakia at the end of today’s short ride. Vienna was relatively easy to get out of apart from the traffic lights where you aged as you waited. Soon into open country.

And visiting a summer palace. Those poor royals needed to escape the pressures of their town life.

Buildings start to change now in this border region. Single story in the main. Border crossing is as it should be (easy). And then a new language.

Bratislava is the only capital that borders on two countries, Austria and Hungary. It has a long avenue of display boards celebrating Eliz 11 70 anniversary. She made an impact in 2008!