A day on the Transfăgărășan Highway,  well the south side ascent. Built by Ceausescu’ orders as a speedy way to mobilise against the Soviets. Made famous by Top Gear, people flock to it on when’s weekends and Bank Holidays.  Today was a Bank Holiday. Luckily we left an hour early, so the 2k traffic jam at the top was manageable.

So a 99km ride and the last 24k goes up to near 7000ft. A few hairpins on the way.  A lot in a forest, the last 10k is open country: you can see what’s ahead. 

To get there we’d gone up from Sibiu onto a fertile plain. The villages didn’t have woodstacks: gas is the order of the day.

Tomorrow we descend the North side..

One thought on “OE Day 28 Sibiu to Balea Lac 99km

  1. Your ride looks extraordinary! The switchbacks, zigzags with gorgeous green landscape… ahhh! I wish we were riding it!


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