Gently down hill.  Rather arse shredding gravel paths down hill.  Lovely variety of crops and places hugging the Danube. Which is getting exponentially larger. The towns are immaculate and give the air of being prosperous.

One of the group had a tyre blow.  I’ll follow him for luck: they were less than 1k from a good bike shop.  New tyre and motoring. 

Today marked the crossover with the Athens to Amsterdam ride of 2019 at Dillingen and Hochstadt. No blue plaques yet.

Insects are happy: Dragon flies dance with butterflies.  Wasps are just annoying.

Tonight we’re near the Airbus factory on an industrial estate.  Very pleasant though.  Different from 2 July 1704 when 5000 French troops drowned in the Danube fleeing the British. The War of the Spanish Succession apparently.

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