A pleasant surprise day.  Looking up was the theme. If it wasn’t a church or castle perched imperially on a tall rock,  it was May poles decorated with the local guilds.

After about 30k along the route we left the Danube cycle path, North and followed the Amper Altmuhital Trail. Which leads us along the Altmuhital River to our destination.

The landscape changes into limestone gorges cut out by the river. Popular with cycling families and drinking parties rowing uncertainly in the river.

“The Altmühltal Nature Park is world-famous as the “homeland of the Archaeopteryx”, because the fossils of the so-called “primeval birds” have been found only here. This is a particularly rich fossiliferous region, where many other extraordinary fossils have been uncovered, too.”

Rich farming too with a wide variety of crops. Which gives plenty of stopping places. What a relief.

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