Another renovation project. Dec 1944 and 80% flattened leaving 700 dead, 25000 homeless and the Minster standing. It is stunning but is it more important than people?

This time the new blends with the new old in differing ways to Freiburg. The main part of the city centre is a thriving 1960s style thoroughfare. With that whopping big church standing in the middle.

A quiet place to explore. And not to prejudge. One old man spoke to us (there were more beggars than usual): so we tensed. He spoke very broken English and proudly told us of the good sights to see, including the state divide on the bridge. The other side of the Danube is New-Ulm a separate city since 1810. Where Mercedes Benz are built.

And a day looking at my Rohloff hub, or rather the puddle of oil under it. Nothing to worry about Mr Thorn has said, it’ll be OK on this [soft] trip. So tomorrow back to the Danube trail.

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