We’re deep into Alsace Lorraine or Alsace Moselle as it’s now called. Heading for Munster, where I was hoping to see people serving mash potatoes (Monster Mash…). Have to be satisfied the people here are referred to as Munsterians. The historical truth including recent is rather murkier of course with the territory being fought over. 85% of buildings destroyed in WW1.

Now it’s a nice wee place to wander through. Route March to begin with to find Barbara some new cycling sandals.Temporary fix gives us time to explore the Protestant church. Entering Lutheran country so expect a laugh a minute. Most of the textile factories are now shut. The storks are a great sight.

To get here was over a col which has featured in a few Tour de France. I suspect they were faster and didn’t stop for photos. Skiing better in winter with supporting Infrastructure. Before that was a lovely rail trail path. Here theRoute. Almost alpine in nature. The ascent is for us like chinning combining the Bwlch and Rhigos into a continuous ascent of 600m in 10 miles. With a decent descent. Sweeping pay signs that say Ferme Schmidt hints at a change.

Tomorrow into Germany.

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