Plombiers les Bains to be precise. A spa town and like our spa town is a living proof of hey day might be in the past. The 1600 residents may differ though. Fine buildings, many slowly fading. Nice place though.

It’s also at the top of a hill. Which is how our day finished. We started along a nice wide canal. Soon the landscape opened up to what could have been mistaken for rural England with its arable fields, rolling hills and patches of forest. Apart from the giveaway of the stylish (and still deserted) villages.

After we realised the flags weren’t for us, we thought we’d struggle with stops today, Bastille Day. Luck prevailed and coffees in Tabacs and cafe kept us topped up. Lidl Aldi and InterMarche open too. The roads were quiet, which is more than can be said of the fire crackers last night. Almost a diplomatic incident: google translate was too polite to offer me suitable words. (Another early rise to avoid the worst of the heat).

Plombier have its name to a dessert: I wonder what we’re having tonight?

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