A border day along a lovely route. Over the mighty Rhine and into Germany. The grape lined Munster Valley took us through Colmar. Failing to find a bike shop for shoes for Barbara, it’s downhill most of the day.

Entering Germany, the very south, and things change quite quickly. More cyclists, light industry, towns. And what is this thing “cash” they want: no tap’n’go here: it’s rummage and count.

Freiberg is our rest stop. Shoes bought in a cycle shop which can house the entire collection of stock in all the cycle shops in Wales: every thing shuts tomorrow Sunday. The Allstadt is relatively new: 300 UK bombers destroyed 80% of it in Nov 1944 (nothing strategic here, just people and a statement, plus ca change). The stunning cathedral wasn’t damaged. So rebuild in the medieval style: makes you wonder what Swansea or Coventry would have been like if we’d adopted the same approach.

So rest tomorrow. Ha!, you’ll be lucky my inner voice tells me….

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