A day in three parts.  A cycle tour around some of the honey spots; the exit road out of Paris; the D231 to Provins. Here’s our Route

Riding as a convoy to navigate the deserted Sunday morning Paris streets went as smoothly as the cobbles allowed.  Going past the Pompidou centre (again), stopping at Notre Dame cathedral (no sign of Quasimodo) and a few other places en route to the compulsory start photo.  The Eiffel Tower is magnificent. A few bolts to that mechanno set.

After the Arc De Triumph (a glorified roundabout) we peddle down the Champ d’Ellyse. A lot of empty seating being erected. Not for us,  for faster cyclists me thinks. Then head out of town.  Stopping at every red light every 50m or so.  Roads and cycle lanes good though and drivers tolerant.  It took an age.

The final third was on a quiet main road.  Straight,  baking   running through corn fields, sunflowers.  Not many places to stop before we arrive at delightful Provins and it’s 12 and 13c buildings. 

Lovely start,  and a few names are sticking.

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