We’re staying near the Canal de La Villette. A friendly area, with “normal” people. Ideally suited for exploring as the main (honey pot) attractions are 3-4 miles away in any direction. Barbara couples this with learning about rest days: today was a mere 10 mile tour down to the Seine. Lovely actually, full on Parisian architecture and friendly hustle and bustle. On one side of the street, as the other was baking in the sun.

After our Tour briefing and the stress of meeting our fellow riders (never judge by first impressions I tell them, or this is as good as I get!), we head South. The original Orient Express started in La Gare de l’Est. Then to let Centre Pompidou, Chatelet-les Halles, Bourse de Commerce and the Louvre. All fine buildings making a statement.

We wander back via the Place de la Republic with its statue edifice, and a fine mootch along the canal. The Place de la Beach Paris is now open and is a cacophony of noises and laughter. Enough to drown out my reply to the waitress: non, I’m not English: Ecosse! The French education system is obviously as inclusive/effective as ours at explaining regional variations. We had a laugh: pardon and a smile go a long way.

Impressions: public toilets are common;,people are very sociable and talkative; smoking is more common than we see in most of UK (Glasgow recently was an exception). Not cheap but plenty of variety of eating places and it’s fun to try different things. Google translate is helpful. Getting hotter.

So all charged up, “rested” after gentle 22 miles of explore the last two days.

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