If you’ve been to the Marquis of Bute’s Mount Stuart House you have something to gauge Penrhyn Castle against. The former is a solid 10/10 for no expense spared and quite “wow”. The latter, described is not too bad neither probably a solid 8.

All sides have a view

They were both funded by wealth from the work of others. Coal for the Butes, sugar/slavery and then slate for the Pennants of Penrhyn. Their slate quarry was until relatively recently, the largest in the world. Their industrial dispute with the workers 1900-1903 remains the UKs longest. Not modern employers then. Jacob Rees Mogg may have been inspired by them.

Built over 15 years at a today cost of £45million finishing circa 1840. One staircase took 10 years to carve and is truly amazing. I passed by the most important art collection in Wales outside the National Museum with a scant glance: dark masters in darker rooms. One visitor was wetting himself over the neo Norman fireplace surround. I was impressed with his enthusiasm.

The National Trust is doing its bit to recognise slavery. In trying too hard ( vs an adult tone to say “remember” ) it feels a bit in a politically correct insincere space. Not many of the Slate workers could probably have afforded the entry fee.

A good day out.

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