Cities 4, Cathedrals 3: St Asaph

It’s a sign of distraction when you think about signs. Ruthin’s sign says “Historic Market Town”. What a piece of useless information. Historic as in how old? Is it still? What does it market and when? It’d be a lot more useful to say “a working market town”. As for Ancient Market towns: as in rival to the Egyptian bazaars of the pharaohs?

Ruthin was towards the end of today’s ride. Before then we’d sampled the delights of ncn 5 as it weaved alongside over under the A55. Taking in the coastal towns. Conwy was buzzing with a pirate fare. Then to Abergele and the myriads of holiday homes hugging the flood defence walls: the flooding will no doubt be a surprise, a disaster and somebody to blame. Mind you although it’s flat our progress wasn’t that fast: negotiated twists and turns and the path is well used by a range of people: most chirpy, some dopey (or doped).

We turned inland then: the headwind kindly turned with us. St Asaph has the Cathedral and the Premier shop which was of more use. I passed many a stopping point today from my working days up here, the Oriel in St Asaph was one. I have the ear plugs to prove Rhyl taxi drivers are the most miserable moaning shower in the UK I’ve had the misfortune to use.

As we go inland the landscape changes to a rich farm green. And starts to undulate. Then goes up precipitatously towards our destination: a community run pub in a fine wee village.

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