via Pentre Ifan. A mini tour of Wales within the confines of Pembrokeshire. Cathedral, Castle, neolithic stones, Landsker line, flowers,  slate, rivers. And hills. 

We followed mainly ncn 4 and then ncn 82 for large parts of today.  Where Scotland has the very popular North Coast 500, Ireland the Wild Atlantic Way, Wales does diddly squat promotion of this really excellent cycling route.  From the coastal route,  it sneaks inland,  taking in the Gwaun then Teifi Valleys. Just magnificent, and as fine a day’s cycling as you can wish for. 

We took a small detour to have lunch on a bluestone next to Pentre Ifan. Who knows, it might have been destined for Stonehenge. Somehow it feels better on this quiet hillside than next to a visitor centre and busy roads.   Did I mention this detour involved an extra hill.  Perhaps an axiom.

Tonight Abercych, flowing into the Teifi.

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