Today’s ride allowed plenty of time for sampling coffee and cake. The first leg retraced our steps to Dorchester. Yesterday’s run down was today’s spin up. Then it was good old Roman roads heading straight across country.

So 11 miles of this was labelled as a B road quieter alternative for cars. Which suited us. And every Sunday motorist wanting to go as fast as their right foot let them. Hardly noticing Casterbridge, nor stopping to think if George Elliot had been to Middlemarsh. The Giants Head campsite is presumably near Cern Abbas, though signs for Todgers caravans must have been removed.

Sherborne is to be returned to. One highlight was Oliver’s Coffee House. The imposing Abbey has the world’s heaviest 8bell peel. The A30 passes through though not noticeably busy traffic.

Nor on the next 11 miles which was such a contrast to the previous. A single track road light traffic, weaving its easy across the Dorset pastures, bringing us into Somerset and our Sparksford destination.

Haynes Piblishing are from here and still are. Tomorrow we’ll follow the manual as we head to Thornbury via Bath.

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