We pass through places with musical connections today. The Eagles took inspiration from Doulton, handing them a hit on a plate. Wellow was behind the famous Grease chorus. Tell me more, I here you ask. The day really came alive passing through Frampton, though the puns had started to Peter out by the time we souped by Alveston.

Almost enough to get you locked up in the prison in Castle Cary: the market hall is a fine place to have a coffee.

Coal mining makes a return at Radstock, to return later east of Bristol. A lot of today was on former railway lines: you appreciate their gradients when non navigable bits throw you onto the mercy of the tarmac contours on the road.

Bath is reached via an impressive 1.67km tunnel. The temperature drop is impressive: good wine storage room. These trails are well used, particularly the Bath Bristol line.

The Avon cycle way avoids the road mess/excess around Bristol. Thornbury reached, tomorrow Cardiff.

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