A short day in miles, a long – good – day of peaks. 1000m of ascent in the first 30 miles, one of the hottest days we’ve had, made it memorable.

We were in three counties today. Leaving Cheshire we entered the Peak District in Staffordshire and ended in Derbyshire. Starting in leafy lanes and manicured hedgerows it subtly changed into more ‘worked’ farm landscapes. Then rolling peaks.

Popular with road cyclists too: the Rapha gear was noticeably more common at the start. As well as clothing the social skills were mixed. Some waved or greeted (perhaps noticing we were greetin’ going up some of the climbs); the others focused on the purity of the pursuit of speed and looking good. Like me.

I remember Wildbourclough from Manchester days. Not very relevant as we only went nearby, just a fun memory of a pub (Crag?). Our lunch was in a fine hostelry near the top of the day. The Winking Man: the sign writer probably had to pay attention.

The final assault upwards before the gentle decline of the Tissington Trail, was a murderous 21%. Shady though so that made all the difference.

Tissington Trail, rail to trail around 1964. Well used today: lovely to see such a variety of people walking and cycling. Ashbourne arrived at the end of the tunnel, also tbe start of the Pennine Cycle Trail. Barbara’s logged that….

Here’s the route.

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