Yesterday was a rest day. This consisted of: looking for a cafe that did breakfast (that’s the one with the queue), and enjoying the public park. Meeting Steve and Andrea after 30years, an ex colleague of Barbara, passed the evening. The other activity was gaining a reassurance the bikes locked in the store will be accessible in the morning at 8. It’s all sorted.

Set off late today. No one to unlock the bike store until the cleaner showed up at 09:15.

Ashbourne feels slightly down on its heels. It’s also down in a dip. Heaving the bikes up was today’s only real hill. The rest was a long slide down onto the central plain through rolling countryside. Derby and Burton negotiated via old railway lines and Sustrans ways, we entered Leicestershire.

Here we find two central points. Well close by as private (farming) land is sacrosanct around here. Coton in the Elms is the first point from the sea. Fenny Drayton is the new (as of 2012) centre of England. The farmer we saw on the BBC article proudly showing a post has obviously changed his mind. His wife politely but firmly told us to bugger off.

We were welcomed to Atherstone with a sign proudly stating “a historic market town”. Must look for the market towns that have no history I thought. The other sign which made me think was “humped pedestrian crossing”. Is this legal? Or did it mean humped pelican [whilst] crossing?

Tonight we met up with Mick and Jane from Nuneaton. 25year catch up. Tomorrow Chipping Campden.

Here’s today’s ride.

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