One day, three countries, one large hill and a glorious descent.

Malinska’s prosperous villas was a diaries point of a tour of the coast including its hills. This afforded great views of villages tucked into the coves and the working shipyards.

Passing through Rijeka you feel like there’s lots of cities you have never heard of yet are worth visiting. This is the European City of Culture 2020. It’s also the start of a 30k climb shared with a railway line. The top is the Croatian border with Slovenia.

Slovenia shows us well manicured hedges, clean streets and forest covered hills. 25k later we’re into Italy which is not manicured nor pristine to begin with. A deviation back into Slovenia to see some horses (same stud farm since 1580, foals are black turning white at 2. I did that at 60……) and then continue the trend of sampling local ice cream. Be rude not to.

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Trieste is immediately attractive. The Wind festival is on so I feel at home.

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