Proves to be a wonderful city to explore. Big enough to swallow the cruise ships, small enough to get around and up and down its cobbled streets.

It’s a long time ( as a devout agnostic with an inbuilt Calvinist bias, John Knox’s crass legacy to the Scots) since I’ve been to a mass. The service in the Cathedral had wonderful music and must have meant a lot to the children being indoctrinated, sorry I mean confirmed. Reminded me of the old joke: “hey mister, yer hand bag is on fire” as the incense burners were fired up. Everyone in the congregation was so happy: glad the symbolism meant something to them. We returned there later sampling a fantastic choir performance.

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The streets bustled with locals, a population about Swansea’s size though it looked more with it. Looking up at all the apartments close to the centre gave a feel of a lived in place, and a meeting place of different cultures.

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