The 10 hour flight zipped passed with an arm wrestle for the arm rest with the person next to me. I was happy to share – she wanted and took nothing less than 100% and had a velcro wrap around her arm to assist.

Immediate impression is of “low rise” buildings and space between them.  A later look in the city centre sees the multi-storeys starting to grow like a forest.  We meandered to the redeveloped dock area.  Are all dock areas the world over being redeveloped? Look to be a good job here with a mix of uses and blending in the old. The juxtaposition with the storage units remind us of Footdee in Aberdeen.

The Volvo Boat Race is here, starting today and for the next three weeks.  Well the stands are here, the boats are stuck at sea in the doldrums.  We might then get to see them when they reach Cardiff in May/June.


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Other impressions are of the homeless and buskers – in contrast to Singapore.  And quite a few people with their God on their mind.  The buskers add a liveliness to the place.  Smoking outdoors is different here – hookah pipes appear.

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