Plans had to be adapted to our 09:40 wake up time.  Another breakfast at the refreshingly green without pretensions SaladStop! and then headed for a trip on a “bumboat”.  These are a converted fleet of barge type boats that do a wee tour of the river.  This has been turned into a reservoir by a barrage. You get a sense of the scale of the redevelopment and development from the humble 1819 beginnings…..and the poverty, hardship and disease that the workers must once have endured. Now all cleaned up – but again not hiding the past, more recording it – like the river, something that is changing with time.

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It rained today.  Bucketed it down – and they were big buckets too. Which made the dash to – from the Metro to get to the Airport particular fun. More to explore here when we return……

And that Raffles chap died fairly young – mid 40s in London.  And  then he was refused a church burial due to his opposition to the slave trade. The E in C of E must be for Establishment then.  Not now of course…..

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