We leave civilised Budapest and the Danube (for now) and head acrossthe Hungarian Plain. It covers 56% of the land mass of Hungary.

The National sport of Hungary is water polo. How do these things arise? We didn’t see much water today. Just parched landscapes dotted with the remains of a few dessicated cyclists.

The villages are smaller. Friendly though as people enquire in broken English (which is better than non existent Hungarian) what we are doing. I was thinking the same about what are TESCOs doing here?

Our crew do their usual excellent and quiet background work. One goes ahead to mark any detours. Ryan’s turn today: he’s the mechanic too from San Diego. Sam from Quebec backmarked. Balasz was on lunch duty: Gergo was driving the luggage van. The latter two are from Hungary. They rotate these duties around. Balasz organises all the evening meals where they are provided, and buys all the lunch food. Ryan has a 1hr “mechanic shop” every day for fixing things you can’t do yourself or advice. Gergo is in overall charge, doing the daily briefing.

One more day in Hungary. A plains day too.

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