The maps of routes don’t show wind. Today was a good strong crosswind as in slightly not a head wind. Luckily there was no tree cover so we were able to enjoy it for the majority of the ride.

A little cooler, as in you use a lower temperature in fan ovens. The poor ground looked parched. You can imagine how dust bowls start.

We were mainly on cycle paths along the side of the roads. When on the roads and at junctions the drivers are incredibly polite and caring. We’re told that changes tomorrow in Romania.

The few places we pass through looked like working rural towns on a Sunday morning before church. Even when the shop didn’t sell coffee the assistant came out to point out where it can be found. Pointing and smiling is a good universal language.

Hungary is famous (I read) for it spa towns. A few we go through have that holiday place feeling. The lowering water table will be a problem.

The long climb up starts gently tomorrow.

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