A rest day, 1 of 2 here. Vienna has a population of about 2 million, wide urban area 3 million. So on a par with Wales.

Wales, rather Cardiff, had the Butes and their unbelievable wealth. Vienna had the Hapsburgs and years of being a cultural centre. Which it wears well. Wide cycle lanes running parallel with trams. Why did we get rid of trams and the infrastructure?

Service is mixed. Germanic efficiency mixed with Highland timescales. There’s no rush though as we meander the inner city. No prevarication or messing about here: their Parliament is being modernised as a statement of democratic value. I’d of course forgotten that democracy is relatively young here, from 1920s on with a 1932- 47(?) gap.

Barbara went for a swim in some Baroque civic baths. I had a snooze

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