Moira: Adieu, Farewell, Vaya con Dios. 😢

Another day weaving in and out of villages and fields. Grateful for the shade when we got it. Arriving in a city is always a contrast with the countryside. Thankfully Ulm, Bavaria, is easier to spell.

Made good use of the honey honesty box icecream shop. The surveillance cameras were probably set to stun of you left without paying. The inner tube vending machines a nice touch.

The first major use of the Danube for power. Why don’t we have schemes like this? Solar panels aren’t as visible here.

Only two obstacles today to test problem solving. The first a triathlon closing a tunnel *it’d pass 90 minutes later. The young official new his job. So up n over we went and spoke nicely to his colleagues on the other side who lifted the tape. The other a building site. Lifted the fence.

Tomorrow a test day in Ulm. Luckily our room has no air conditioning, overlooks an active building site. So we might be out. And the minster has steps up it so they will beckon. Tonight a beer cellar. All in the name of sampling local cultures.

Highest church spire (not cathedral) in world at 161m

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