First city,  Swansea. Which prompted a thought. How are modern cities chosen? They places I think of as cities feel like cities. Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol. Cardiff is beginning to feel like a city.  Swansea I think of as a town. A good town of course with a lot going for it: more if it can shake off its inferiority (to Cardiff) complex.

Captain Cat
Balancing act

Fine murals, never vandalised

Today’s route is familiar territory, heading up the old railway line to Gowerton.  Then the coastal path through to Burry Port. Yesterday’s CARTEN signs are still up. 

Carmarthen’s imposing Council offices frame a change of landscape.  An old inland port, the Mayor still has the title Admiral. Near our lunch bench boats brought minerals in from Nova Scotia and took emigrants back. 

Carmarthenshire is a fine county.  Lots of rolling hills.  We juggle between the NCN 4 and the Carten route. Roads traversed on road bikes are a different proposition with panniers.  Plenty of time to admire the hedgerows and spring flowers.

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