Just a short hop we were thinking yesterday, will we arrive too early? A thought amplified by last night’s power cut. For some reason this was linked to the water supply. When the lights came back on, the water stayed off. Until just before we left. The club house was put to good use.

The Severn crossing was damp. Still fun, just damp. Thinks heated up when I used the back of my pedal to remove some skin. Today we were alongside the A48 for a large part, swerving to take in Roman Caerleon. Entering Newport, the Transporter bridge is closed for renovation: imposing structure.

So 1000 miles each and no punctures. And then one each in quick succession. The Newport locals know how to spread broken glass over the cycle ways.

We arrive in Cardiff via the Gwent levels. Full of evidence of the heavier rain we’ve missed. Then a change of mindset to get into city cycling.

A longer day than anticipated, changing weather and landscape. Just enough time to patch the inner tubes before enjoying Ted and Margaret’s hospitality. Tomorrow home.

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