5DTM Aberfeldy to Stirling

Aberfeldy is nestled in a steep sided valley. Wade’s 10000 men must have enjoyed building a road to the bottom then all the way back up again. With breakfast day looking out at the hillside we set off up the same. 3.5 miles and 1000ft of time to reflect and regurgitate.

Songs come back into your consciousness from goodness knows where. Today started with Among the birks (birk=beach, as in the Birks of Feldy) a delightful track from an early Gallagher and Lyle album. Which naturally recalled yesterday’s road signs pointing to the Corries and Killiecrankie. This all helps propel Barbara into a spinning frenzy and the hill is soon behind us.

The mountains morph into rolling countryside akin to Carmarthenshire. Perhaps it’s the soft gentle rain that kindles the association. Crops appear interspersed with cattle who are taking bets on which cyclist gets up the hill first.

After Crief we stopped in Muthill to admire the ruined church. This also gave us the opportunity to fully appreciate the vertinginous cruel shortcut off the main road. Lined with mature oaks beach and hazel there was plenty to keep the gaze away from a distant horizon.

Dunblane and Bridge of Allan look wealthy. Shame the lovely gravestones in Dunblane Cathedral are roped off. Dangerous things which we obviously aren’t to be trusted with. Madness.

Then into Stirling guided by Wallace’s Victorian monument as it looks over the scene of his famous victory. The medieval bridge is impressive, marking another of our central spots.

Now for a pit stop.

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