2DTM Bonar Bridge to Inverness

More expensive doesn’t equate to better. We’d booked the Glen Mhor Hotel in 2019 for a 2020 cycling trip as a treat at the end. Trip didn’t happen of course: the Glen Mhor was the only venue not to refund. So we’re using the booking tonight, and paying an extra £40 to do so. Service mediocre, room okish – the one seat riles me. Last night the Dunroamin was a bit frayed at the edges and basic. Service excellent, really friendly and welcoming. I stay there again.

It was interesting chatting with the land lady in Bonar Bridge. Just outside is a huge building: Carbisdale Castle For a long while it was a youth hostel. What you don’t get from the internet is it was good for the town: rented out for weddings the oldies didn’t fancy bunk beds so stayed in town. I liked it only has a clock face on three sides of the tower. The Duchess of Sutherland it was built for didn’t want a clock face towards the Sutherland estate as she didn’t want to give them the time of day.

Today we followed NCN1 south to Inverness. The three forths were our companions: Dornoch, Cromarty, Beauly. The rolling hills were well manicured with crops and grazing cattle. The fluffy clouds set them off nicely.

Cat’s eyes. When did we start to remove them. On the 2 miles we shared with the A9 traffic they felt a good barrier between us on the edge and the cars, though it wasn’t too busy. A lot quieter though was the old declassified road which tumbled down to a B and C with the opening of the new. Ideal for us to potter along.

No meandering on the Kessock Bridge. Barely time to get our breathe back from climbing back up to access it, the fiery cross wind gave a grippy cycle ride.

All too soon in Inverness and the delightful Glen Mhor. I half expect them to charge us to get the bikes out from their laundry room storage. Though, to be fair, we were allowed to take them to our room, on the second floor up a windy staircase. We declined.

Excellent paella in nearby Tortilla restaurant, and sitting in the sunshine in the street. It’s a life!

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