A completely different landscape: river plain, meandering down and some rolling hills. The start was framed by mist covered forested hills.

Bavaria feels prosperous, traditional (as evidenced by numerous villagers in traditional dress going to church, and friendly. High Maypoles set the challenge. Sheep, cattle and horses in more abundance.

The friendliness seemed to change tbe closer we got to Munich: our greetings often ignored or people just passed by. Maybe a big city thing. Maybe us of course, going slower than the speeding local cyclists.

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What a way to enter a city though. Following the river and then, bam!, centre of town.

Prices have just rocketed since we left Trieste.

I discovered the cost of a momentary lapse of concentration on a gravel path. Gravel won. Nurses Tate and Balasz did a great job and we got to Munich.

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