Somes days are full of superlatives for the right reasons. Today was unexpected. Busy traffic on narrow roads going up and down steep hills is one thing. Intolerant drivers driving too close and others yelling abuse (well I took from the tone they weren’t wishing us a good day) was something else. One of our group was sprayed (rather his glasses were) with liquid so he couldn’t see. Not a good farewell to Austria nor welcome to Germany.

The border crossing is as it should be, non existent formality, just a sign.

Things getting more expensive: first coffee stop was £6.9, and we didn’t even get to keep the cups for that.

Looks a pretty town, well dual towns, the small Kirk at one end marking a plaque cemetery from mid 16C. We forget what European events the plaque outbreaks were.

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Not a lot else to say today!

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