Continuing to follow a river gorge, the tunnels return. This time relatively benign, tbe longest was lit. This didn’t encourage any nor considerate driving. Blind corner, let’s overtake: what cyclists coming towards me at great speed?

Tbe first half of today’s 80k was back up to 1200m. Tbe second half back down. On the way up settlements are thinly spread, with the occasional honey stalls. Trees are mainly oak. Tbe second half is entirely different landscape, far more worked and alpine in feel.

It’s hard to comprehend that only a short time ago tbe places we pass through today were at war with each other. Scattered graveyards must contain nations griefs and ambitions.

Arriving Sarajevo it’s time to get back into cycling in city mode, dodging traffic and lights. To explore tomorrow, tbe initial wander suggests could be a long day.

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And it’s wet….

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