The photos are starting to add up, even with editing. They are useful memory joggers and hopefully show the diversity of this working city. Today, after rebuilding our bikes (a relatively smooth operation once we located them) we added some more walking miles taking in a view that put our wandering into perspective.

Aristotle’s Lyceum school ruins proudly sign themselves as one of the most important sites in the world. Some more big words to wrestle with (e.g. gymnasiarch) and a new sport (pankration). Despite its antiquity (pinned down to 648bc by what exactly?) it failed to make the cut for the modern Olympics in 1896. More lovely spring flowers: did these inspire the peripatetic wanderers as they pondered who would win the next bout?

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I can’t help but think Aristotle might be a little surprised we’re he to take in the view from Athen’s highest point. Buildings packed in as far as the eye can see and up seemingly impossible slopes too. These they pave with nice smooth stones to make for speedy descents.

Tea and coffee are the expensive offerings we indulge in: cakes are a lot cheaper.

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