Philanthropists, Philosophers (pseudo) and Philistines. All in evidence at the Auckland Art Gallery.  The Maori Portraits by Charles Goldie are stunning – the sitters jump out of their immortalised prints.  Many of the galleries have been funded by legacies from fortunes made by traders.  The modern art is striking in being thought provoking on one hand and being accompanied by appalling pretentious bullshit description panels.  Thus speaks the art critic.

A leisurely lunch followed on the 52nd floor revolving restaurant in the Sky Tower.  Not bad views it has to be said.  We were able to appreciate from a new perspective yesterday’s walk.

A closer inspection of the container dock was fascinating – I hope someone knows what are in those stacks.  The skills of the drivers maneuvering their payloads is to be admired: artistry all of their own – all with a happy wave and smile to the passing pedestrians.

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