Today’s ride in some ways was the toughest.  A short 40 miles sounded just the job. There was a set end time though to get a boat and no early breakfast. So us back markers had a frisson of pressure. Happily amplified by the absolutely gratuitous challenge of some steep (off and push) gravel sections. Fewer photos today!

Towns getting bigger and busier: there seems a code to navigate the traffic. Mine feels like to shut my eyes and go at times. Not too many toots of the horns so perhaps all ok. To be fair even on the busy sections drivers were good: usually a gentle beep to say we’re here and coming through in time for us to move over that little bit to show willing. Give n take works.

A lovely last hill or two (not sarcasm) through a wooded park before descending to the Black Sea and the end point. Lots of film crews with serious kit: alas I don’t think we were the objects they were looking for.

The final part of the day was a boat trip. Lunch and a dip at sea, before berthing outside the hotel. For various reasons I slept through most of this party.

Tomorrow bike packing (professional help makes it look so easy) and the start of a few days unwinding in this city of 15 million people.

PS bought my first eSim card as BT roaming doesn’t work here. Works a treat.

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