More war memorials. A civil war 1946-49 that was a proxy for the start of the cold war. Later on today we finished in villages which have left some buildings in ruins as a reminder of the Greek resistance and WW2 damages.

A rich land, and the dense broad leafed woodlands a surprise. This region, in the Pindos mountain chain has (we were told) the first number of different flowers at 2500, with an area in Spain coming in a poor second at 500. So the few we saw today, including orchids, were are mere sample. They were offset by some fine old arch bridges of various ages and croaking frogs.

Our route took in some old roads and some which were just gravel. That the latter was also a steep (10-20%) incline was a bit of a dampener. We’re also beginning to learn that when at the bottom of a valley most of the sparse villages are at the top… And we go there, to bump over the cobbled surfaces and admire the stone roofs. There’s plenty of scenic other distractions to keep the eyes away from the horizons…. including the wary eye for roving dogs.

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