Odyssey D3 Delphi to Lamia 57miles 1809m ascent

Hi ho, it’s back up the hill we go, then some more. With the sun rising in front of us if was a great view of illuminated broom and the valley below. Not to mention the road arching is way towards a crest.

Take a right and wow: a flat green plateau with scattered housing. This turned out to be an empty holiday home settlement, presumably full in the ski season. Then into some old national highways, traffic free in the main and undulating. What a great descent into another different landscape: a lot dryer. But before passing reminders of recent history: a WW1 British graveyard (I didn’t know we were fighting in central Greece) and a memorial to Australian WW11 casualties. This land seems to have been a war zone for done.

Lamia looks relatively new: of course it traces its history and development back millennia.

One of our group was fairly badly injured in an accident today: thoughts are with him and his friend.

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