Water on a massive scale. From the Elbe to the Kiel Canal, large ships ploughing the length and small ferries scuttling the width in between. Thatched roofs in an abundance and scale to boggle the imagination of a Reed cutter.

The day started off with a reminder at breakfast that the region has a proud tradition of tea as a speciality. No fried choices the breads were free to select whatever cheese they wanted.

You get the impression of places which manufactures things and is proud to do so. And then moves them by water and rail. The landscape is also full of far more wind turbines than was evident in Holland. Ditto solar panels.

It’s flat. This gives the marsh harriers plenty of room to hunt in. As dusk falls, the flight of swallows hoover up the flies, their deftness a strange contrast to the lumbering hulks of the cargo barges passing on the canal.

Here is our route

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