Lake Matheson, Haast Beach and Pass, Lake Wanaka, Lake Hawea were the backdrop to today’s walking and travelling.

Early morning mist over Lake Matheson jostled with the photographers to frame the best view of sunrise. I suspect this place is special most still days – even the spider’s webs glistened as never before.

The slow road could have been designed that way to show off the varying terrains. Haast Beach has some [rare] original swamp woods: the critically endangered Hectors Dolphins showed enough fin to gain attention.  Or was that the effect of the magic mushrooms? The Haast Pass (as recent as 1965) joins the developed South with the remoter West.  To be savoured at the pace of the repairs underway.  Then the ‘richer’ agricultural lands of the South – with noticeably less tree cover.

Wanaka and Hawea are fast developing as Queenstown overspill.  Property everywhere is expensive: more importantly so is the wine.


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