A short hop to a beach at Punakaiki delivered a coved treasure: the sandstone teaming with life that seemed to be enjoying the sun and surf as much as the human intruders.

We were a day or two early for the Wild Food Festival in Hokitika, thus avoiding the sweet meats of some poor castrated sheep. This place specialised in jade. Like most places, the cafes and bakeries are great – something we can learn from.

The final walk was rescheduled – the road to Fox Glacier not due to reopen for two weeks.  The rate at which they are repairing whole hill sides puts our pot hole complaints into perspective.  So we had to slum it with Franz Josef – though the Maoris probably never got to meet this Austrian emperor.

Sunset over Mount Tasman and Cook accompanied supper – we’re getting the best of a respite in weather.

The landscapes are lush forested areas nestled along coastal strips by mountains. Settlements are few are far between.  State Highway 6 is our route – a single carriage road with one lane bridges.  Who says Wales needs a North South dual carriageway – this one does just fine, with plenty of space for the bikers.

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