Odyssey Day 18 Tucepi to Split 47miles 1200m

Just up the road from where we stayed is a delightful turn where team people live. Tbe Croatian Riviera can distort reality.

A parallel universe is found 5k inland on the other side of the coastal mountains. Lush green hills dotted with villages and following the course of the river. Every house seems to have a vineyard and small holding. The main money earner is river rafting sold to tbe tourist masses in Split.

Our taster of this ancient city (blessed with the UNESCO tourist world heritage stamp) sets up tomorrow’s rest day.

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Odyssey Day 17 Mostar to Tucepi 60miles 1250m

Leaving Mostar’s bustling tourist trap you are quickly into quieter residential areas. Large new churches vie for attention. Strangely the housing becomes more ‘western’ and new industrial units are dotted around. It’s also noticeable how the weather affects the terrain: from yesterday’s lush broad leafed woodlands to today’s rocky scrub.

Entering Croatia, it’s welcome to the EU. Immediately more traditional Christian: we haven’t seen one mosque thus far. The sparkling Adriatic arrives and we descend to our sea side overnight spot. Apparently people come here for holidays: you couldn’t tell!