Today’s ride was designed to minimise the heavy traffic we’d encounter entering Bucharest. Cycling from the old capital to the new with its circa 2 million population.

So through villages and new roads with lots of drainage being added, presumably for future housing. Everywhere had dogs, most lazing in the sun. A few chasing enough to speed us up. Most of the coffee is from vending machines, sugar a non optional inclusion. Sometimes the ubiquitous coke is good, you know what you’re getting and the is the zero option. Quenches thirst which sneaks up on you on the heat no matter how much you drink.

The last 20km is busy. Some lorries pass close enough to count the fillings in the driver’s teeth. On the whole it was good. Busy traffic flow increases towards the city centre: cycle lanes are welcome though and we take them.

Tonight’s food was in the delightful Caru cu Bere. Tomorrow an explore.

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