A route of 3 parts. The first industrial. The second sobering. The third a waltz along the Beautiful Blue Danube.

We left Linz via the industrial sector and its steelworks. Reminiscent of Port Talbot with its cacophony of towers and pipework. Barbara was in her element.

Mauthausen concentration camp Memorial. How did anyone survive? The effect on the liberating ţroops reminded me of my Dad’s story. The thin veil of civilisation with humanities dark underbelly. How we need to guard against those who trample so casually on democratic institutions, including at home.

The flowing waters we follow change the mood. Most of the day we were by the working river. And gaping at the flood levels it has reached.

Melk has a rather grand Abbey. Described as the world’s best Baroque [Benedictine] Abbey. It shows the wealth and power of religion. However well used or abused. The Allstadt beneath is a fine collection of medieval buildings. The brass band playing has probably done so for millennia. Unless the Monks complained…..

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