Not the normal tour of the sights. Off to a bike shop for a spare tyre, a short 2.7km each way walk through where normal people live and work.

Bike shop? Bike shopping Hall more like. 26″ tyre (and every other size imaginable); replacement nut for SKS mudguard; cycling sandals for Barbara. And bikes in quantities to boggle the imagination. Mainly e- bikes and commuting hybrids with a smaller number of mamil road bikes. Saddles from tractor seats (there are a few buttock challenged folks – at least they are cycling – to razor thin “where do I sit?”. Stands, baskets. And spares galore.

The centre is nicely cooking by the time we sweat back. The unexpected sign is for Compostela de Santiago. Lost? There’s another Compostela from Prague to Santiago.

Tomorrow a short 50km hop.

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