Today we followed the coast and railways. The landscape changed subtly. Stonewalls are made of round stones (from rivers), as we go north the buildings mirror the imposing grey stone of the adjacent quarries.

Our route was mainly on NCN 82 for most of the morning, passing the Dyfi Osprey centre. Which is a good place to get a coffee.

Leaving Machynlleth we enter Gwynedd. Fortress Gwynedd, dotted with caravan parks and towns build on either slate or Victorian tourism. A fine coast it is too, at least in todays sun. Our introduction is via the lovely Happy Valley, which cuts across the estuary from outside Machynlleth. Then to Tywyn where we’ve Raced The Train a few times.

The restored railway bridge to Barmouth is fun to cycle over. Especially in the wind. The same wind helps keep the streets of Barmouth free from litter. Here we sample Sustrans planning for cycling with panniers at its best. A vertical narrow path to join the road, this avoiding the easier main route. Oh well, good to be out of the saddle for 100m ascent.

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