Today’s navigation was straightforward. Turn left, stay on road until destination. Apart from the deviation to find a castle in a town which saw us meandering among cobbled streets passing water features (a tourist attraction around here, note opportunity to sell Welsh weather).

From a flat plateau it didn’t take a genius to work out that the hills ahead were en route, and so it proved. Which made the coffees and pancake near the top very welcome. Before then, and again it might have been the rain, we’d had the harrowing experience of cycling over frogs, well baby frogs, that appeared at the road side in a multitude. Later on it was snails: the main concert there was punctures.

Local hospitality was found in a road side cafe….all for £2.50 and a warm welcome when they weren’t really set up for us. Dogs are more prominent in their groups compared with cats in the city: both lazybones in the heat.

BP Greece (which with Shell dominate petrol stations, many others closed), needs to work on their bilingual signs – to add Greek that is. The other surprise was to see signs for ski lifts and snow boarding. We gave that a miss this year.

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